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Our aim is to embrace and bring recognition to local cultures, people and talents. 

Authentic Flavors Restaurant


Authentic Flavors Restaurant is the only typical, traditional and ethnic Belizean restaurant in town. The menu presents food from the different cultures of Belize including the Garifuna, Maya, Creole and Mestizo.  

The Authentic Village and Culture Center


Located in the  Kontiki area of Cayo. One will have a full community experience; from delicious traditional food, local gift shop, health & food store to hair braiding, drum, dance and culinary school.

About Us

Owner and team


Located in the heart of beautiful & bustling San Ignacio Town, Authentic Flavors Restaurant offers the most genuine dining experience, with savory flavors that reflect the Garifuna and Mayan cultural traditions of its owner, Ivy Flores. Patrons describe the combination of locally-sourced seasonally-available ingredients with Ivy's apparent love for creating unforgettable experiences "pure food for the soul." As a native of Southern Belizean, Ivy is a prominent member of the Garifuna Community and possesses a passion for food, culture, and adventure. Authentic Flavors Restaurant is located on the second floor of 13 W. Burns Street, overlooking the clock tower round-about. From this same location, Ivy offers one-of-a-kind tour packages and consultations through her adjoining business Authentic Belize Experience

Ivy's journey into the flavorful would of culinary arts began when she was merely 11 years old. During that time she helped her father as a cook in his home-based restaurant & bar, highlighted by live music and some of their community's favorite comfort foods. Ivy actually still uses the pot in which she prepared her very first serving of rice & beans! As a member of Belize's first Garifuna band, Ivy describes her father as always being an entrepreneur. Together, they dreamed of establishing their very own flourishing restaurant. Although Ivy's father passed in 2009, their vision did not die with him. On September 21, 2017, Ivy opened the doors of Authentic Flavors Restaurant to welcome customers from all around the world! Each and every day she and her staff offer travelers & locals the most original dining experience in the Cayo District of Belize. Possessing a Bachelors in Business Administration, with a minor focus in Cultural Anthropology from Galen University; Ivy maintains the mission of Authentic Flavors Restaurant and Authentic Belize Experience to embrace local cultures & people.

In addition to her numerous business functions, Ivy still finds time to serve her community. All ingredients used at Authentic Flavors Restaurant come from local farmers. They offer cooking lessons (both on-site & in villages), and mentor local crafts-people and youth to start their own businesses. One of Ivy's long-term goals is to create a community farm and cultural center, where members can develop their skills and profit from their efforts. By continuing to encourage locals in keeping-up the primary facets of their traditional way of life, Ivy Flores is the definition of a servant leader.


Darlene Teck is passionate and urgent about continuing the great work her Mother & Grandmother passed on to her. She has observed the Mopan Maya Culture slowly be pushed aside in favor of globalization and consumerism of artificial goods. With a strong desire to reclaim that which was becoming lost, and a heart for service, she accepted the opportunity to help her friend Ivy Flores. Her vision is to promote their traditional way of cooking and crafting. Darlene's interests surround encouraging up-coming generations and continuing towards her dream of revitalizing their community. 



Our mission is to promote our traditional way of life through our food, craft, arts and talents. We aim to bring recognition to our people, their culture and traditional ways in order to achieve cultural retention, identity and economic stability. 

The Goal


We are working to create this cultural exchange center for those seeking a transformational experience through learning about this ancient and intelligent knowledge and way of life.

Through our venture, we hope that we will encourage our people to hold on to there culture and identity and to practice their original way of life through means as farming and crafting.

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