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The one of kind restaurant in the Cayo District. Authentic Flavors bring real Belizean cuisines featuring traditional, ethnic, cultural and locally influenced meals.  Our restaurant is rated the best Belize restaurant of its kind. On our very unique menu, you will find Mestizo, Garifuna, Maya and Creole food with a touch of East Indian flair. The Authentic Flavors is the onl fully local restaurant in San Ignacio and the Cayo District and the only one of its kind in Belize.

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Located at 13 Burns Ave in the heart of San Ignacio Town, this cozy little restaurant overlooks the busy town and brings a homey  and cultural setting which makes it one of its kind. The experience starts  as you walk up the beautiful orchid adorned staircase, to the homey dining and cozy patio. Choosing from our individually hand created menu is also another amazing experience as the meals are so different from the other restaurants in town and all tasty, local and new to a visitor of our area.

Our town restaurant  seats 35 people.

All our meals are cooked fresh on order (just like home)  and may take up to 20 minutes to ready.

Our home-style cooked food are always made with fresh herbs and vegetables from our garden and handmade condiments from the nearby market. Our meals are healthy and very unique in taste.

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