Haunted Forest Cave and Village Tour

The Haunted Forest Cave



In the 9th century a major drought occurred and the Mayans attempted to appease the rain god, Chaac, who lived in Xibalba (Shee-bal-ba) which means 'Place of Fright' to the Mayans with offerings that included human sacrifices. Unfortunately, their voices were not heard and the Mayan civilization was soon mostly abandoned. The bones found wee not a typical sacrifice as for the bones would lay as the human had when they died minus the flesh and connective tissue. The bones instead were as they would be if the remains had been carried in using a bag. Often when this occurs multiple peoples bones might be mixed together. In our case, some of the bones were really small, like a child's.

Come join me and venture into 3000 years of pristine Maya artifacts, human remains, and history. Haunted forest cave

1hr 30min drive from Belize City to Saint Magrets Village

A45 min drive from Saint Margaret's Village through farm road goes across creeks passing citrus orchard and traditional Mennonite community.

15 min easy hike to the haunted cave entrance.

2 to 3 hours Hiking inside wading through water ankle to knee height. Ceremonial chambers are visited were human remain and pieces of potteries. 

Armenia Village Tour


This amazingly unique  vi tour takes you on a walk through the lifestyle and and everyday life of this Mestizo and Ketchi Maya mixed community. The villagers play and dance to their marimba music and are so happy to show their cooking and tortilla making process. Meet the beautiful families as you walk through the friendly village of Armenia.

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