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Midnight Terror Cave Tour


This off the beaten Cave tour is very unique and only found with us at Authentic Belize Experience office. 

The Midnight Terror Cave sounds like something that was made up to  give you night terrors. But if you were aged between 4 to 14 years when  the Maya’s were around, it was your living nightmare.

The grim discovery in the Belize’s appropriately named Midnight  Terror Cave has shed more light on the long tradition of child  sacrifices in the ancient Maya society. Out of the 9,566 human bones,  bone fragments, and teeth found on the cave floor, a huge portion  belonged to children no older than 14 years.

What’s more disturbing is that chemical analysis suggests they were  not originally from the area where the cave is located. This indicates  that they may have been brought to the area, using the  underworld network of caves in Belize to traffic Maya children. Because  these bones are so fragmented, it’s difficult to give an estimate on how  many individuals are in the cave.

While the researchers say it’s impossible to piece together all the fragments, they’ve so far managed to count 114 bodies, with the 14-year-olds being the oldest of the bunch, and the minority. 

 This is just the second known instance of large-scale child sacrifices carried out by the ancient Maya, who were actually better known for targeting adults as offerings to their gods. 

The first time this ritual was uncovered was in a subterranean cave at Chichén Itzá in southern Mexico, where the bones of more than half the 101 individuals scattered on the dusty floor were identified as those of children or teens.

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The Amish are German settlers in Belize

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