Cave Kayaking with Amish Experience

The One of a kind Cave Kayaking



Kayaking the River of Caves

While cave tubing may be #1 on your list during your inland time in Belize, Cave Kayaking is just trailing behind because there has been so little exposure to it. Are you a little more adventurous than the mellow tours? Then, join this full day of adventure in one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of Central America and immerse yourself in this caving-for-the-soul unforgettable adventure. Our topography here is karst lime stone terrain – remnants of marine organisms compacted through the millions of years that have elapsed since the Cretaceous Period before the Jurassic. Nature in the Maya Mountains has carved, sculpted and adorned hundreds of miles of cave systems concealed from most of the world. A mysterious underground reality awaits your discovery and we are privileged to take you there.

After a 45 minute drive into the jagged mountains we arrive to the put-in point. After a complete safety briefing you are ready. Kayak, paddle on hand, life jacket buckled up, head light on helmet and off we go. The first 30 minutes you meander through the jungle, mountain spurs left and right, river banks so thick in vegetation that it would be impossible to make it through without a sharp machete. Your guide at the front guides you safely through this giant tropical garden. Your second guide brings the tail-end of the group along with lunch made up of fresh cut veggies, condiments and hand-made flour tortillas. If you happen to be vegetarian, leave the smoked ham and salami for the guides.

Suddenly, a mountain wall appears, the river plunges underground becoming one with the mountains, you are now into a river of caves with stalactites looming from above. At times, you will see formations glittering, reflecting light back at you through thousands of miniature calcite crystals. One can white-water raft anywhere in the world, kayak any river in the world, but there are only a few countries in the world where this charming sport is possible. Don’t miss the light at both ends of the tunnel and emerge at the other side almost hypnotized by such a surreal trip.

No paddling experience is needed. 

Tour Includes



What to wear? Shorts, T-shirt, tennis shoes or water shoes; bring insect repellent if you may have. Bring along extra change of clothes for the drive back to your hotel or to your luggage.

Time: 6-7 hours or 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Price per person: US$ 130.00 (Minimum 2 pax, bove 3 US$ 110.00pp)

Physical Level: Intermediate

The Amish Community


Located i a very isolated jungle area, the Amish quietly and happily live on their farming and land provisions.