The Ultimate Maya Experience

Live like the Mayas Do


The Mopan Mayas of Southern Belize still holds on to their traditions and cultural practice. They are farmers and craftsmen and women. The Teck family of San Jose, Toledo welcomes you to their humble home. Here they farm cacao, vegetables, coffee, fruits, rice, beans, corn and lots more. They raise chicken; harvest and make fresh natural coffee and chocolate; and make their own clothes, baskets, hats and useful home utensils.

Their solar powered home is beautifully surrounded by lush jungle, abundance of wildlife and birds.

The Experience


Live like the Mayas do for 3 to 5 days. This home-stay cultural experience takes you deep in the jungle,off the beaten path and away from the busy towns to a quaint little village called San Jose found in Toledo District. You will be sleeping in an original thatched Maya home on the family's farm. 

Be involved in the day to day life of the family. You will learn subsistence farming, chicken raising, cacao and coffee planting and harvesting; rice harvesting, hunting, sewing, local cooking and lots more.

This experience is perfect for cultural travel groups, students and families to learnt more about the Mayas of Belize.

The village is located in an ideal area surrounded by caves, jungle, waterfalls, river and cenote (dry sink hole).  These attractions add the adventure on your trip. The family will take you to visit the sites on your down time.



transfer  to/from San Jose, Toledo

all meals