Pottery Making

Carve your Memory

This is the only workshop that is not done at the Authentic Village. However, it takes lace less than 1kn from us in the home of a very famous pottery maker and craftsman, Mr. Magana.

Mr. Magana generously welcomes his guests to his humble home to teach his talent of pottery making and carving.

Him and his wife had kept their traditional practices and use this as their main source if income. Clay pots have been used by the ancient Mayas and other tribes of ancient people and is still used in some cultures of today. As many of our cultures are changing or fading away, we encourage Mr. Magana to continue his art.

Mr. Magana will most passionately pass on his art as you nake your own special piece of art that you can take home to brag to friends and family or to give to special person or even to cherish as a  memorable item collected on your vacation.


clay and tools

teacher (Mr. Magana)

transfer to/from village


Duration of tour is 3 hours

After tour, free activities include tubing on Mopan River (tubes courtesy of Authentic Village),  a walk over to the nearby Xunantunich ruins for  a sel guided tour or swimming in pool at Authentic Village

Price: US$40 PP